If you are considering building a brand new home, make Darwin building Consultants your first call... Receive our FREE SERVICE to gain an understanding on what it takes to go into a
new construction project.From the early planning stages, budgets, choosing blocks of land and house design, we are here to give you local advice to help you gain local knowledge you need.

We recommend getting all your information and requirements together, to allow you to go out and seek quotes from the various builders in Darwin. By providing the same information to different builders allows you to get back a realistic quote that includes exactly what you want in your new home.


Richard knows is stuff, great service. He really has an eye for detail and will guide you through the whole process. I can’t wait to build with him again

A&L , Johnston.

Regardless if you need a one bedroom Granny flat, or 5 bedroom family home, we can help you.

With so many builders in Darwin, they all offer different specifications, inclusions and construction methods. A majority or people will shop the display homes, and not realise each builder offers something different, and you could end up paying for something you didn’t need, and miss out on what`s important to you...

Let us help you get the understanding on how they work, and what`s best for you!

We are here to help even if you are building with another company, we can be your second set of eyes.

• Search and assist in finding a suitable lot to purchase
• Work with you on the right design
• Home Estimates and accurate quoting
• Drafting Services
• Contracts and Permits
• Construction management
• Stage Inspections
• Defect and Final Inspections
• Value Appraisals
• Discounted conveyancing rates

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Being told by our old builder, that we couldn’t choose outside their own range of tiles really turned us off from the outset.

Tracey , Zuccoli