You might be still searching for your next home, and having trouble finding what is right for you.

Darwin building consultants can help you find that perfect place. We have extensive knowledge in the local market and are in discussions with most large agencies and real estate agents on a daily basis. We have in the past secured properties for our customers prior to them being marketed to the general public. we can also negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal , and in turn, gets you in your next home quicker.

Have you found your place to call home?

We can offer you a defect and due diligence inspection on the property. We will visit the residence and spend some time on the property looking for any defects, or areas we believe that could cost you money after you move in. we can also negotiate on your behalf to get the best price possible, by doing a comparative market analysis, to ensure you don’t pay top dollar.

For a small service fee, we can supply you with a report, on what we believe is the true value of the home in the current market, and this can also minimise any nasty additional costs after you have moved in.

Building a new home…but need a second opinion prior to handover?

You have done the hard yards, waited 6 months build time, and your new home is nearly finished in construction, and your builder is telling you a walk through is required prior to handover.

If you haven’t built a home in the Territory before, or understand the building standards, you could be moving into an unfinished home.

We can come along with you on your walk through, and point out any defects, or missing items that need completion prior to you signing off.

We have visited homes and found dishwashers missing, poor paint work, unsealed driveways, solar hot water running cold, insulation in the roof still rolled up, and not spread….plus loads more items missing from contracts…. Some of these items are hard to see, as most new home owners are overwhelmed at the time, and it takes 6 months to then notice any issues, which is usually too late to go back to our builder to sort out.

Interstate Investor – Building in the NT

We are busy every day assisting those who can’t be here to witness their investment property being constructed. Our services can now offer daily, weekly or monthly site visits to your property, giving you a detailed report with imaging to show you the progress of construction. We like to focus on the stages of the build e.g. Slab down, Lock up, fit-out etc. when you have been issued with an invoice from your builder, we can then report back to you , so you know it have reached that stage, prior to making payment. We have been to many homes where it is still not locked up, doors missing etc, and the builder has issued a lock up invoice to their client….And we are more than happy to call you when on site to give you assurance that we are keeping your best interest in our best interest

Let us be your first choice for a second opinion, when it comes to residential homes.

Feel free to contact us 7 days a week to discuss what’s important to you, and how we can help.

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Great service, friendly people, nothing too hard. Was a pleasure doing business with you.

Karen , Victor Harbor