In the Northern Territory, its “Buyers Beware’ and vendors are not required to provide you with any documentation or reports on the property they are selling.

This can be stressful, especially when you have signed a contract of sale WITHOUT it being subject to Inspections.

Its the largest investment of your life, and without an escape plan, or have another set of eyes to over see what your buying, it could cost you so much more. A basic inspection could save you thousands of dollars, time and heartache.

See below for our range of inspections.


Land Inspection

Keen on a block of land but unsure if it will fit your dream house design?

Does it require expensive earthworks or retaining walls?

Our land inspection reports start with basic drive-bys and voicing any concerns, to comprehensive reports showing laser level site elevations of the land and advice on what to look out for.

Soil Classification reports can be ordered through us to determine S , P or M class. This is to ensure the land is stable enough for your new home to be built upon. Additional slab footings can be in the $10s of thousands of dollars and its something that cannot be
determined by eye. We highly recommend a soil classification test before you settle on any land purchase to ensure no un-expected costs from your builder.

Prices start from just $55

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New Home Defect Inspection – Pre handover

With over 600 registered builders here in Darwin, there is a vast difference between great, and not so great.

We highly recommend you inspect the property a week before handover to allow the builder to rectify any issues we find BEFORE you move in.

A brand new home is man made, and we always find defects. Usually not too bad, but for the cost of our report, can be a lot cheaper than to repaint a room in the near future.

We start from the front door, and work our way around the entire home, inside and out and ensure everything is in order. We suggest you bring your building contract along to check your floor plan is accurate and you have the inclusions you have paid for.

Allow 2 hours onsite, and we would welcome you to join us to see for yourself any issues we detect.

Prices start from $385

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Rental Property Inspection

If you’re a private landlord , or have a property manager, we can do a benchmark inspection on your rental property.

We can do an “one off” inspection or more regular inspections over a 3 , 6 or 12 month period. Reports are sent direct to you, for your own reference.

All Inspections are confidential at your request.

Prices start from $165 

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Pre Purchase Inspection – Established Property

When considering buying an established home, remember , its up to you to determine its condition and find any faults with the property yourself.

We offer a range of pre purchase inspections from building status reports to comprehensive condition reports.

Prices start from $275

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